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ES-SWP Soil Water Potential + Temperature Sensor

ES-SWP Soil Water Potential + Temperature Sensor

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Soil water potential (SWP) is an important indicator of the availability of water to plant roots. Ensemble Scientific's Soil Water Potential + Temperature Sensor (ES-SWP) provides continuous monitoring of SWP, providing an early warning system to know if crops are experiencing, or are soon to experience water stress. Measuring SWP permits irrigation scheduling before reaching conditions that could impact yield.

ES-SWP is a plug-and-play solution that provides digital output of soil water potential and soil temperature. The ES-SWP sensor is maintenance-free and does not require calibration. The ES-SWP sensor functions natively as an SDI-12 sensor for use with a wide range of data loggers, or use directly with Ensemble Scientific's Data Node (available later in 2023).


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